While the workmanship from Linden’s Painting and Decorating is the highest standard, a great makeover is more than just having an expert painter prepare and paint surfaces perfectly.

Great colour choices are the foundation of the value adding ‘wow factor’, so it won’t take long to realise selecting the best colour scheme for your project can be a challenge. For instance, do you know how to make a dark colour work in a room? Hint: the brightness of a space will affect how a colour works because of the light reflectance values of the paint.

By talking to the professionals at Linden’s Painting and Decorating you can save hours of research and sorting through DIY specialists’ conflicting advice. Whether you know what you want or do not know where to start, Linden’s experience and knowledge of all things paint related will help you create a look you’ll love and ensure you avoid costly mistakes.

So before you start, contact Linden‘s on 0418 288 839 for an on-site consultation to choose the ideal paint colours and finishes that fit your personal style and taste; best of all? It’s free!

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